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Gated Community

Salva Tierra is one of many gated communities along the Camino la Tierra corridor. These communities have determined that a security gate and camera system provide a measure of security that complements and adds to the County Sheriff’s Department area of coverage and responsibility.

The Salva Tierra gate system allows resident access through vehicle transponders. Residents also provide access to visitors through the Quick Pass Visitor System and the Gate Directory. 
Special events, such as realtor open houses, estate sales, resident parties, and other activities, can be managed with several options for the operation of the gate. Please contact our Security Manager Norman George to determine the best option for your activity.
Visitor Access
Visitors may enter the community by (1) using a keypad code (lower keypad) provided in advance by a Resident to open the gate, or (2) by looking up a Resident's name in the Gate Directory (upper keypad) and calling the Resident on the Intercom to request entry.
Entry by Keypad Code
Visitors who have a pre-assigned entry code may open the security gate at the entrance to the neighborhood by entering the code in the lower keypad on the keypad pedestal located just outside the gate. Visitors must enter the assigned numeric code, preceded by the "#" symbol and followed by the "*" symbol, using a firm pressure on each key. Entry codes must be assigned to Visitors in advance. Residents may obtain entry codes by accessing the Salva Tierra Security Contractor's website (
Entry by Intercom
Visitors who do not have a pre-assigned entry code may call a Resident on the Intercom with the upper keypad. To use the Intercom, a Visitor must look up a Resident's name on the Gate Directory screen above the upper keypad, by pressing any key to start, then by pressing arrow keys to find the Resident's name. After the name is selected, press "Enter" to call the Resident and request entry. If the request is approved, the Resident may open the gate remotely by pressing "#" on the phone keypad.