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Welcome to the Salva Tierra Homeowners Association Website
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~ About Salva Tierra ~
Salva Tierra is a friendly, established, welcoming community of 70 homes sited on about 175 acres. Construction of homes spanned about 20 years, beginning in the early-1980s.
We are located in Santa Fe County about 5 miles to the northwest of the Santa Fe Plaza. The community's common properties and amenities – roads, fences, entrance area, and recreation area – are owned and maintained by our volunteer homeowners' association, which has a rotating board of directors and several standing committees. Many residents also help with periodic landscaping and maintenance. The enthusiastic participation of homeowners in these tasks has enabled us to keep our homeowners dues at a very reasonable level. Current regular dues are $350 per quarter. Over one-third of the regular dues are prudently set aside as reserves for maintenance of our roads. 
Gate Entry and Utilities
Salva Tierra has automated gates for entry and exit, and homeowners can easily set up and change entry codes for themselves and visitors over the internet (see Visitor Entry web page for details). Utilities and services are provided by PNM for electricity, New Mexico Gas, Santa Fe County Utilities for water, Comcast for cable, Century Link for telephone, and Waste Management for trash collection. Houses have their own septic systems for liquid waste disposal.
Guidelines and Meetings
General guidelines for land use, building construction, and enjoyment of common resources are contained in our covenants document, and the board is guided by our bylaws. We hold two general meetings each year, one to review and approve the next year's budget, and the other to elect board members, introduce new neighbors, and discuss neighborhood issues and possible projects. Both business meetings are followed by informal pot-luck parties. We also get together at a holiday party at the end of the year and have several get-togethers each year to allow newcomers to meet nearby neighbors.
Salva Tierra is in every sense a neighborhood, with varied experiences and expertise to share, and readiness to lend a hand to others when needed.

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